March 20th, 2013, 9:14 pm

Rules and stuff

Hey all. This is my first attempt at... really, any extended digital art project, in the form of a Pokemon comic. You get a huge chunk now, and future updates will be on Fridays. Hopefully.

This is a Nuzlocke run. Rules:
1) Catch only the 1st Pokemon in each area
1a) Dupes Clause - If I already have that Pokemon in my box, I have 3 chances to catch another non-duplicate. If none of the 3 are unique, tough luck. Catch the last or GTFO.
1b) The Safari Zone is 4 areas
1c) I may catch any shiny Pokemon and use it freely. Because SHINY.
2) Fainted Pokemon are eternally boxed. No exceptions.
3) The game will be played on SET mode.
4) The run ends when Mewtwo is captured or defeated.
5) Never give up, never forget, and grind like hell.

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